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A risk worth taking

About this resource

Facilitation pack

A screenshot of the facilitation guide.

You can download this guide and all of the questions sheets.

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We want you to use this resource in whichever way makes most sense to you and your own working environment. We want to stimulate discussion and thinking. We want you to be able to ask yourself some honest questions about your own attitude and tolerances to risk, where these attitudes come from and the impact they have on how you work with others. You should ask your colleagues the same questions in a supportive and empowering way, but always with an eye to the best outcomes for the people you support.

Intended audience

This resource can be used for individual reflection and learning or group discussion. It can be used with workers at any level, in the context of an ethics committee discussion, staff meeting activity, or self-study. It is recommended that participants work through the scenarios together, as much richer discussion and learning will result.

Time requirements

Allow at least five and a half hours for learners to complete the resource and activities.

This can be completed in a single session but we recommend splitting the scenarios up over several days to allow people time for thought, discussion and reflection. For example, you may choose to do scenario one at a team meeting and scenario two the following week etc.


Question sheets for the self evaluation and each of the scenarios are available to download in Microsoft Word and Open Office Document formats. Use these to help learners keep a record of their responses to the questions.

Download the facilitation pack (.ZIP compressed folder) to obtain the question sheets.

Equipment requirements

A computer with internet access is required to work through the learning resource and speakers or headphones to listen to the videos. Learners will need either a notebook and pen or access to a wordprocessor like Microsoft Word or Open Office Writier to record their answers to the questions. If presenting the resource as part of a group session, you may require a projector, flipchart paper and pens.


We designed the resource to challenge the learners’ concepts of ethics and values in terms of risk and risk enablement.

The scenarios, discussions and activities should help learners to:

Learners will need enough time to discuss the questions raised by each scenario with their colleagues to achieve these goals.

Suggested activites


Open Badges are available to people who work through the resource and take part in discussions with colleagues about the questions raised. Learners can apply for up to five badges, providing they prove through a reflective account that they meet the criteria for the badge:

You can find out more about Open Badges at

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