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A risk worth taking

What is a risk worth taking?

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Legislation like the Social Care (Self-directed Support) (Scotland) Act 2013 talks about risk enablement but what does this really mean in practice? Even more crucially, what does this mean for your practice in the world of integration and integrated services?

People tell us that one of the areas they struggle with most in their practice is risk. This might be because of their own confidence, their organisation’s perceptions of risk or a lack of knowledge about options. It can also be because of the changing social service landscape which asks different things of us all in the face of challenges like reduced funding and an aging population with complex needs.

We asked people what they thought would help and developed this interactive learning resource as a result.

The films you’ll watch in this resource come from accounts workers told us. They will raise more questions than provide answers; this is deliberate to encourage your own thinking and discussion with your colleagues.

We want you to use this resource whatever way makes most sense to you and your own working environment. We want to stimulate discussion and thinking. We want you to ask yourself some honest questions about your own attitude and tolerances to risk, where these attitudes come from and the impact they have on how you work with others. You should ask your colleagues the same questions in a supportive and empowering way but always with an eye to the best outcomes for the people you support.

Read or download our facilitation guide and resources if you are using this resource with a group of people.

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