Recording and reporting

Bill has cerebral palsy and lives in his own home. He requires support with some aspects of his daily living, including preparing and eating food. You are asking Bill what he would like for his evening meal.

Please play the video and after you have watched it, click on the option that you think is the right action to take.

Note: Gillian, who Bill mentions in the video, is a senior support worker who is part of your team.

What's your next step?

Option 1: You write an incident report, update the communication book, and make a note asking for a referral for a dietician and a new risk assessment. You contact a manager and explain the actions you have taken.

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Option 2: You check the rota and contact the person who will be supporting Bill next, Dave, and let him know what happened and advise that Bill is given soft food. You tell him you will speak to your manager to discuss a referral for a visit from a dietician.

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Option 3: You contact Gillian directly to ask what happened as there is no record of what happened.

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