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Find out all you need to know about registration, whether you are a worker who has to register, or an employer who supports workers to register. This toolkit has a web page with videos to guide you through the registration process. You can also download our smartphone app so you can access the information at any time.

Whatever your role in social services, this website will help you find resources and information to develop your leadership skills. Scotland’s social services need effective leadership at all levels of the workforce, as well as citizen leadership from people who access support and their carers. Includes resources for mentoring, supervision, middle managers and more.

In a digital world the expectations of social service employers, the workforce and people who use services are changing. It’s becoming more and more important that workers are suitably equipped by developing their digital capabilities. We have developed this free, online resource to help social service workers develop their digital capabilities to support learning and practice.

Every day we have to make decisions relating to our roles. Some of these are straightforward and easy to make, while others are more difficult and may involve a range of options. We are all accountable for the decisions that we make in our roles, so making a ‘wrong’ choice could mean that you have to justify why you made it, particularly if it leads to poorer outcomes for people who use your services. This learning resource provides you with some challenging decisions, which enables you to see how your decisions might affect the outcomes of people if you had to make them in real life situations.

These resources are designed to support you whilst carrying out your day to day duties with the public. You’ll find them useful if you’re preparing for assessment for a SVQ in Social Service and Healthcare (e.g. "Administer Medication to Individuals") or the Professional Development Award, "Administration of Medication". The smartphone resource is also intended to be a day to day reference tool but it shouldn’t be considered as a ‘training course’.

This provides access to resources and information for anyone working in Day Care of Children's Services in Scotland.

Do you work with people who live with dementia? This is an online resource to help social workers and other professionals implement the Promoting Excellence learning framework and the Standards of Care for Dementia in Scotland within their practice.