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If you have regular contact with people who are living with dementia then this resource is worth looking at. It will provide you with a path to better understanding how social and emotional needs impact on well-being for people with dementia.

This resource will help you feel more confident when working with people with dementia. With the right knowledge, you will be more informed and better placed to understand what life is like for the person with dementia and how to improve the quality of that life.

This resource will help you to understand what we mean by stress and distress, identify the factors which can contribute to people with dementia feeling stressed or/and distressed and improve your skills in working with people who experience this.

Explore what you need to know and be able to do to engage effectively with children and young people. This resource covers topics including reflective practice, promoting children and young people’s self-esteem and self-worth, building positive relationships, Getting it Right for Every Child (GIRFEC) and children and young people with additional support needs. It’s made up of case studies and a mix of other learning activities, designed to support you to apply your learning to your practice.

Care and support take place through communication and the helping relationships that are developed with people. There are many aspects of a helping relationship but to build a good one requires lots and lots of communication, including listening, empathy (putting yourself in the other person’s shoes)and being genuine.

This resource is a useful starting place if you have just started a new job or are new to social services. It links to the themes of the core units of the Scottish Vocational Qualifications in Health and Social Care. It is not intended to be a comprehensive guide and it is not intended to replace your employers' guides and procedures.

Take practical steps to maintain your ongoing learning and development and discover the skills and habits you need to experience learning as a lifelong and life-wide exercise.

These principles are the keystones upon which your care and support practice rests. You may have chosen to work in a care and support role because you value people and believe in giving everyone a fair chance. The principles help you to carry out these values as part of your everyday work. This learning resource will help you to look at Codes of Practice and service standards in more detail as well as exploring personalisation, equality and diversity and protecting people.