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The Continuous Learning Framework (CLF) sets out what people working in social services need to be able to do their jobs well now and in the future and what their employer needs to do to support them.

The Scottish Government published the Strategic Framework for Action on Palliative and End of Life Care 2016-2021 in December 2015.

Our learning resources associated to this important work can be found here.

Digital learning approaches are often suggested as possible solutions to the challenges of limited resources and reducing budgets. However, it isn’t as simple as replacing face-to-face learning with online modules. There are a wide range of issues to think about to support this learning if we want to be sure it is effective. These interactive self-assessment cards will support conversations about how you support digital learning in your organisation and help you develop an action plan to improve your support for digital learning.

This pack is for anyone who wishes to use an Appreciative Inquiry approach to support service improvement or redesign. It offers a programme structure and supporting materials for a cycle of Appreciative Inquiry carried out over three sessions. You can use the whole resource to facilitate a cycle of Appreciative Inquiry or you can pick the materials to suit your learning, planning or service improvement activity.

Are you part of the social care or children, early years and young people’s workforce? This toolkit includes a range of activities to help you begin the process of career planning and planning your ongoing learning and development.

This provides access to resources and information for anyone working in Day Care of Children's Services in Scotland.