Welcome to the Multi-Professional Practice Simulation for the social services, health and education workforce

Effective communication between professions improves outcomes for people who use services. Scottish Government commissioned this simulation to support the development of the social services, health and education workforce by increasing abilities to work and operate effectively in a multi-professional environment.

The Scottish Social Services Council, working in partnership with NHS Education for Scotland and Education Scotland has developed this practice simulation to allow professionals from a range of backgrounds to work with a fictitious 'case' scenario and discuss approaches to resolving the situation presented with colleagues from other professions, away from the pressures of their day-to-day work.


This simulation can be used in independently from any learning base, whether informal, in-service or formally as part of certificated learning. However, we would recommend that it be used as part of a structured programme of learning. Course leaders may also wish to maximise the benefit of the resource by creating formative or summative assessment exercises based on its content.

This simulation is ready to be used. However, we aim to further develop it in future – adding multimedia and further content. Please contact us with suggestions for how this simulation could be expanded and improved.

Disclaimer: Please note that all people, places, services etc referred to in this simulation are entirely fictional and the product of the imaginations of the authors. Any similarity to people/places/services your know is entirely accidental.

To view this simulation as it was designed, it is important to use a standards-based browser, such as those listed on the right hand side of the screen.


To begin working through the simulation, Click here.