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It is vital there is an induction period for new workers to ensure they are equipped and confident for their social care role to enable them to provide the best level of care.

This resource is designed to support new workers together with their line managers identify induction learning needs and access relevant guidance and learning resources to complement the mandatory learning required by and provided within your organisation.

The resource also contains information to support employers identify minimum training and learning requirements for individual roles and deliver effective induction.

Steps for using the National Induction Framework

It's important to decide if you will use the National Induction Framework to support a worker's induction or just for CPL purposes. Meet with them to discover their induction needs and how the NIF can support this alongside your own organisational training. Once this is done, move onto step 2.

We have developed a Learning Assessment Tool which will help your manager show you what parts of the NIF you should complete. Once your manager has identified the content on this platform that you should complete, move onto step 2. You can view the learning assessment tool below, but this should be completed by your manager or supervisor. A link to it can be found below:

Access the learning assessment tool

The content on this site is setup under two categories:

The NIF contains the Foundations of Practice which every colleague should be able to demonstrate their knowledge in. We recommend you start there and either look through the additional content, or provide your own induction materials.

The main objective of the NIF is to support workers' inductions and reduce the amount of training time you need. If a worker enters your workplace, meets the Foundation material and you can observe this, they do not need to repeat the Foundation training. Any additional material that is required for your area of work may be on the NIF, so look through the Areas of Practice section to see what is available. You only need to provide training that is not available on the NIF.

It is important that workers complete all the material you have provided them, whether this is entirely from the NIF, shared between the NIF and your own materials, or entirely your own materials.

Once they have completed this, they should be observed doing this in practice before their induction is to be completed. When they have successfully done this, you can complete their induction.

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We will continue to update this resource to suit the needs of the workforce through consultation with stakeholders.

If you have any feedback on how we can improve this service, please use the feedback button below to send it to us. Thank you.