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Every day we have to make decisions relating to our roles. Some of these are straightforward and easy to make, while others are more difficult and may involve a range of options. We are all accountable for the decisions that we make in our roles, so making a 'wrong' choice could mean that you have to justify why you made it, particularly if it leads to poorer outcomes for people who use your services. This learning resource provides you with some challenging decisions, which enables you to see how your decisions might affect the outcomes of people if you had to make them in real life situations.

In this learning resource you will find a number of scenarios that relate to your work role. All the scenarios reflect real situations and dilemmas in which workers have made ‘wrong’ decisions that have led to investigations about their actions. They include aspects that commonly arise in such cases.

It is important that the scenarios reflect real situations as closely as possible to enable learners to relate to these. Therefore, a few of the scenarios contain language and terminology that may offend some people, however, this must be placed in the context of providing realistic issues and dilemmas for learners to develop their decision making skills.

There are five pathways – Managers; Supervisors; Social Workers; Adult Care; Child Care. Choose the pathway that most closely relates to your current role.



Social Worker

Adult Care

Child Care

Disclaimer: Please note that all people, places, services etc referred to in this simulation are entirely fictional and the product of the imaginations of the authors. Any similarity to people/places/services you know is entirely accidental.

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Acknowledgements: The SSSC would like to thank the Residential and Day Care Services of Glasgow City Health and Social Care Partnership for providing locations used in the filming of this resource.

We would also like to thank all the actors, individuals and businesses who contributed their time and efforts to the making of this resource.

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