Fake tech support

Play the video above to begin. You will be presented with the same choices facing the person in the video and what you choose will influence the outcome of the scenario. The interactive video may not work on some smartphones.

From bogus ‘Computer Software Tech Support’ phone calls, eg someone from Microsoft or Apple contacting you and telling you there is a problem with your device, to fraudsters asking for credit card information to ‘validate your software’, eg validate your windows software, there are a number of computer software service scams you need to look out for.

Fraudsters often use the names of well known companies to commit their crime, as it makes their communication with you seem more legitimate. This is why it’s important to think twice before giving out any personal information.

You can learn more about this and how to avoid these scams on the Action Fraud website.

Contains public sector information licensed under the Open Government Licence v3.0 from Action Fraud.