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Links from the Common Core of skills, knowledge and values to additional National Occupational Standards at SCQF level 7

SCDHSC0328 Contribute to the planning process with individuals

SCDHSC0329 Support individuals to plan, monitor and review the delivery of services

SCDHSC0330 Support individuals to access and use services and facilities

SCDHSC0332 Promote individuals’ positive self esteem and sense of identity

SCDHSC0343 Support individuals to live at home

SCDHSC0344 Support individuals to retain, regain and develop skills to manage their daily living

SCDHSC0366 Support individuals to represent their own wishes and needs at decision-making events

SCDHSC0398 Support individuals with programmes to promote positive behaviour

SCDHSC3102 Work with community networks and partnerships

SCDHSC3111 Promote the rights and diversity of individuals

SCDHSC3112 Support individuals to manage their own health and social well-being