Working in social services and healthcare in Scotland

social services and healthcare

Working together to make a difference

If you’re compassionate, have a sense of fun and enjoy working with people you could be perfect for a career in social services and healthcare. There are many types of services across the community like care homes, care at home and housing support services. Most roles will involve supporting adults but you can support younger people too.

This work is about helping people to live well and achieve the things in life that really matter to them. You’ll go home each day knowing you made a difference.

3 social care workers at ROyston Court Care Home.

My best words of advice are there is no need to worry about training as you’re given all the training you will need. Go into it with an open mind and never look back.

Blair Social care assistant

What’s it really like to work in social services? Find out below in our career stories.

Career stories

There are over 200,000 people working in social services and they come from all walks of life. Take a look at these stories from people who provide support with health and care to learn how they got started, what they like most and their best words of advice for you.

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To find out where your career might take you, explore our interactive qualification pathways.

Qualification pathways

You don’t usually need a qualification to start this career but you’ll have an opportunity to gain one in work. If you want to progress into promoted posts there are qualifications to help you do this.

Explore our interactive pathways to see how qualifications can help you build a career.

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Cathy from Royston Court Care Home.

Tender loving care, that's all we need. And they're all very good to us here. Just like our own family.

Cathy Royston Court Care Home

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MyLearning app

Learning about social services is a good way to show your committment to employers.

If you want to store your learning and share it with others, including new employers, try using MyLearning. It's a free, smartphone-based app provided by the SSSC.

MyLearning is also used by social service workers to record continuous professional learning.

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