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Privacy and your data

We take your privacy very seriously, and we want to make sure that you understand how and why we store and use your data. No-one is obliged or expected to use this service, and to do so is entirely voluntary.

By default, the SSSC BeingMe: Experiencing Care (BeMe) service will not record any information about you. However, you have the option to log into your MyLearning account so that the BeMe service can create learning logs for you to record learning milestones you reach within BeMe. This is to help support you record the CPL activities in BeMe.


When you log out of MyLearning, BeMe will stop recording and processing any data in the app.

Key 'learning milestones' that BeMe may use to create a log are as follows:

  • When you complete a BeMe video.

By logging into MyLearning, you will accept the data mentioned later in this privacy policy to be collected and processed.

What data and why?

By using the BeMe service I understand that data that identifies me as an individual may be used by the SSSC Development and Innovation Directorate for the following purposes:

  • To push personalised learning resource recommendations and news to MyLearning users to support their continuous professional learning.
  • To help us understand how people are using the MyLearning service so that we can improve it.

I also understand that my data (in an anonymised form) may be used by the SSSC Development and Innovation Directorate for the following purposes:

  • To identify trends in learning across social services and related sectors.
  • To monitor the use of SSSC Learning Resources so that we can evaluate and improve them.

These data will never be used for any purposes other than those listed above without your explicit consent, and you may withdraw your consent at any time by contacting us at at which point we will close your account.

Further information

Should the SSSC later decide that it would like to use your data for any other purposes, your consent to do so will be sought. It will never be used without your explicit consent.

BeMe data is exempt from consideration in SSSC Fitness to Practice investigations and procedures unless you explicitly consent to this.

Your BeMe data is linked to your SSSC Open Badges account. Data collected via the BeMe service will be stored on the SSSC Open Badges platform, which is hosted on secure, encrypted servers in the UK by our hosting partners MTC Media Ltd.

Some of your BeMe data is also held on the SSSC Learning Record Store, which is hosted on a secure, encrypted private cloud hosted in the UK.

You can request a copy of all your BeMe/Open Badges data at any time by contacting us at

You can close your MyLearning/Open Badges account at any time without sanction, and your data will be permanently deleted.

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