About this toolkit

The Registration Toolkit app gives social service workers and employers free resources to help with getting registered and staying registered. Whether you are an applicant, registrant or employer, our free app has you covered.

In the app:

The Registration Toolkit app is available as a free download for smartphones and tablets (Android and iOS).

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Video guides

Our videos give step-by-step guides on how to use MySSSC, our online service. Workers can get see how to apply for registration and how to maintain their registration. It also has guidance for employers on how they can use MySSSC to check their employees’ registration status with the SSSC. Applicants, registrants and employers can use these videos to help navigate MySSSC.

Useful links

MySSSC – https://my.sssc.uk.com/
Our website - http://www.sssc.uk.com/
The Learning Zone - http://learn.sssc.uk.com/
Need to Contact Us? - http://www.sssc.uk.com/contact-us